If you are using the IM-client for Jabber (GTalk, Miranda, Kopete, QIP, etc.),
you can create and manage the TODO-lists directly from the chat window.

To create a list add any_name@bot.jodo.im in your contact list.

To add a task to the list write to this user:

+ name of task
[description of the task]

The square brackets indicate optional.

In response, we obtain:

Task 1 is created.

Where 1 – is the number of this task.

To create subtask:

+number subtask_name
[description of the subtask]

Listing all tasks:


Mark task completed:

#ok number [comment]

Other commands can be found by typing #help

You can create any number of such lists for each area of life.
Jabber-clients there for all platforms.

Thus we are able to quickly work with your ToDo directly from the chat window.

Service is free and has a web interface is available on http://jodo.im/ after registration with command:

#register your_login your_password your_email

If you do not have an account on any jabber-server, then you can get it on the same server after web-registration http://jodo.im/registration/

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